Agriculture Biodiversity Ecology

A new lease of life for pastoralism

The mechanization of agriculture had wiped it out much of the land, leaving it to the mountainous regions. However, pastoralism has found a new lease of life in recent years. Shepherds and shepherdesses are now settling in the plains, demanding more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Mylène Perelli is one of them. This young shepherdess […]


How to help a child with school refusal

Anxious school refusal is getting itself increasingly talked about, in often enlightening but pessimistic testimonies. What can we do when our own child is a victim of it? Thanks to testimonies from parents and with the help of child psychiatrist Laélia Benoit, we learn that confidence plays a key role in allowing the child to […]

Fashion Youth

From template to catwalk

Manon, a student in a fashion school, found her vocation a little by chance, whereas her parents would have liked her to study medicine. For three years, she learned to draw, sew, iron, create a portfolio, craft clothes to make her collection. With the photographer David Godichaud, we followed her for a few months of […]


Your ex can also be a good friend

The perspective has not really become widely accepted, yet many people remain friends with their ex(s). Some even cherish these relationships. After all, who knows us better than an ex? Amélie, Maud and Oscar tell the story of these special friendships, with the help of psychologist Boris Charpentier. Cover picture : par Suzana Souza.

Family Genealogy

Finding out a family secret can’t be all bad

Their revelation can destroy families, but it can also be positive, even a deliverance for those most affected. For while every family has its share of mysteries, some are more serious and can be life-changing. With the help of psychologist Elisabeth Horowitz. Cover picture : byAnnie Spratt.

Esport Sport

More and more sports clubs are getting into esport. For a result half in earnest

Three years since the launch of the PSG’s gaming section, the first of its kind in France, clubs from all disciplines have been following suit and rushing into the esport breach. The desire to rejuvenate the public, or even to forge a new one… the motivations are varied. But they do not all use the […]


Popularization of science on YouTube is trendy

Since 2013, videos of popularization have been proliferating on the YouTube video platform. Physics, classical music, literature… all themes are covered. It has been particularly successful in France, where the sector has been developing at breakneck speed. The next challenge: structuring an environment that is still very unclear in economic and legal terms. Cover picture […]


Paris en compagnie fights the loneliness of the elderly

In Paris, 21% of the population is over 65 years old. And among the difficulties encountered by senior citizens, loneliness takes a good place. The association Paris en compagnie has decided to remedy this. Nearly 700 volunteers, many of whom are under 40 years old, accompany elderly people who wish to go out, do their […]


Legacy can strengthen bonds instead of divides

Managing an inheritance divides families more often than it brings them together. However, some families can come together at this difficult time, when you are psychologically on edge and the smallest detail can upset a very fragile balance. In this article, different people tell of a successful experience that has allowed them to reconnect with […]

Unique project

Ouest-France’s rotary press operators

As part of a project on “Rennes, by night”, I made a report on the rotary press operators of Ouest-France. Passionate about their job, they bring to life the presses of the best-selling newspaper in France every night. The staggered working hours, compensated by a salary bonus, are part of their way of life. While […]