Refugies transform the trial

Published in Pèlerin in june 2020. In Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, a new kind of rugby club was created in 2019. On the initiative of Benoît Lamigou, an oval ball enthusiast, the club is open to refugees from the Nantes region. Through the prism of this collective and friendly sport, newcomers to France find a way to integrate […]

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In Angers, they convert the try in employment

Published in La Vie in january 2020. Since 2017, the Angers rugby club, under the impetus of its president Patrice Le Ber, has launched a professional training programme. The aim: to combine the values of sport with a return to employment. The 400-hour training programme includes 120 hours of sports activities and an internship. On […]

Sport Youth

A trans-Atlantic race at 17

Published in Phosphore in january 2020. Martin Louchart is 17 years old, Frédéric Duchemin 55. One is a high school student, the other a dentist. But the age difference did not prevent them from setting off together for the Transat Jacques-Vabre, heading for Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. They were both trying the adventure for […]

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More and more sports clubs are getting into esport. For a result half in earnest

Published in korii in december 2019. Three years since the launch of the PSG’s gaming section, the first of its kind in France, clubs from all disciplines have been following suit and rushing into the esport breach. The desire to rejuvenate the public, or even to forge a new one… the motivations are varied. But […]