Biodiversity Popularization

Bear serum elected product of the future

Published in Causette in May 2021. Muscular atrophy can affect anyone and sometimes cause serious after-effects. Faced with this health problem without a cure, Blandine Chazarin, a doctor in analytical chemistry, has taken an interest in an animal that does not move for six months each year and yet does well: the brown bear. Cover […]

Food Mobilities Rurality

In Brittany, the distributor of baguettes replaces the baker

Published in Le magazine du Monde in april 2021. In the commune of Mont-Dol, the departing baker will be replaced by a bread vending machine, to the great regret of the inhabitants. For some time now, these machines have been proliferating, especially in the countryside, which has been emptied of its shops. Cover picture: Jean-Matthieu […]


They watch over the coastline

Published in La Vie in April 2021. In Morbihan, the coastline is subject to erosion and some territories are in danger. Faced with this phenomenon, researchers, citizens and elected officials have come together in the Observatoire Citoyen du Littoral Morbihannais (OCLM) to work together. Cover picture: Valentino Belloni.


Aline, dancer from Alsace

Published in Phosphore in april 2021. Aline loves the Alsatian dance and the folklore of her region. For Phosphore, she tells about her self-confidence thanks to this unusual passion. Cover picture: Aline Krebs


In Brittany, the victory of the poisoned

Published in Le magazine du Monde in march 2021. After ten years, several employees of Nutréa intoxicated by toxic products in their workplace, in Plouisy, in the Côtes-d’Armor, have finally won their legal battle against the food company. Cover picture: Damien Meyer

Ecology Youth

Book Hémisphères gets the books up to speed

Published in Sans Transition! in march 2021. Since 2010, the Morbihan company Book Hémisphères recovers books from all over Brittany to give them a second life. The whole with a social goal since it also welcomes employees in integration. Cover picture: Manon Boquen

Feminism Unique project

Asserting yourself through your voice

Published in L’Express in February 2021. We use it every day and yet we sometimes mistreat it. However, if we work on it, the voice can become a means of gaining self-confidence and asserting ourselves. In all situations. Cover picture: João Marinho for

Cinema Youth

“My fourth grade teacher introduced me to film”

Published in Phosphore in february 2021. Rafael discovered his vocation thanks to his fourth grade teacher, Mr. Devillard. By showing them films like M le Maudit or Citizen Kane, he helped the child find what he would like to do later on: work in the film industry. Cover picture:


In Le Rheu, the open college must close

Published dans Le magazine du Monde in january 2021. An experimental establishment inaugurated in 1974 in the town of Le Rheu, west of Rennes, the Georges Brassens college – open to the city – will have to install fences all around its enclosure. A closure that marks the end of a libertarian spirit. Cover picture: […]

Agriculture Biodiversity

Scallop fishing under an unlucky star

Published in Le magazine du Monde in december 2020. In the waters of the region, thousands of “Marthasterias glacialis” have invited themselves for the holidays. Their appetite for mollusks competes with the activity of fishermen, who find this invasive and unknown species even in their nets. Cover picture: Manon Boquen