With Ehop, carpooling close to home

The success of Blablacar’s large carpooling platform is undeniable. Only, it is regularly used for long journeys. In front of this plethoric offer, Ehop proposes another type of carpooling: the proximity one. To go to work together as well as to take a person without means of locomotion to do his shopping, the service wants […]

Agriculture Mobilities Rurality

At Paul’s farm, no more every one for himself

They had to remain active during containment, but the mission was no small task. Farmers continued to work under difficult conditions. Paul Thébault, an organic milk producer near Rennes, has for several years now found the answer: he relies on the mutual help of his relatives and neighbours to keep the farm running. A very […]

Cinema Mobilities

The cinema comes to the village

A truck on the outside, a movie theater on the inside. For over thirty years, the Cinémobile has been criss-crossing the roads of the very rural Centre-Val-de-Loire region to set up in the village centres for a day. There, a cinema unfolds before the delighted eyes of the inhabitants who have little access to this […]