Food Mobilities Rurality

In Brittany, the distributor of baguettes replaces the baker

In the commune of Mont-Dol, the departing baker will be replaced by a bread vending machine, to the great regret of the inhabitants. For some time now, these machines have been proliferating, especially in the countryside, which has been emptied of its shops. Cover picture: Jean-Matthieu Gautier

Medical desert Mobilities Rurality

The hospital of Dinan puts an end to its deliveries

The decision had been on the table for a long time: on November 15, 2020, parturients were no longer able to give birth at the hospital in Dinan, a town of 15,000 inhabitants, sub-prefecture of the Côtes d’Armor. A choice that reflects the deteriorated situation of the public hospital in France. Cover picture: Solen Feyissa […]

Agriculture Mobilities Rurality

At Paul’s farm, no more every one for himself

They had to remain active during containment, but the mission was no small task. Farmers continued to work under difficult conditions. Paul Thébault, an organic milk producer near Rennes, has for several years now found the answer: he relies on the mutual help of his relatives and neighbours to keep the farm running. A very […]