Misfortune is in the electromagnetic field

Weakening herds, repeated abortions, animals in poor health… everywhere in France, mysterious disorders are affecting breeders. The reason according to them? The implantation of electrical works near their farms. In 2019, they set up an association and are now fighting to have the damage recognized. Cover picture: Evi T. from Deepl.

Family Feminism Love

At the age of 16, Amandine had an abortion without telling her parents

At the age of 16, Amandine had to have an abortion. It was an ordeal that left a deep impression on her and made her stronger. In this article, she confides in the first person about this painful and emotional experience. Cover picture: Manon Boquen.

Agriculture Biodiversity

What we sow

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 75% of the world’s food comes from twelve plant and five animal species. The Kaol Kozh association, based in Roscoff, has decided to fight against this decline in biodiversity by cultivating and propagating peasant seeds around it. A constant struggle against powerful agricultural lobbies. […]


With Ehop, carpooling close to home

The success of Blablacar’s large carpooling platform is undeniable. Only, it is regularly used for long journeys. In front of this plethoric offer, Ehop proposes another type of carpooling: the proximity one. To go to work together as well as to take a person without means of locomotion to do his shopping, the service wants […]


Final sterilization, a fighter’s course

Authorized since 2011, tubal ligation remains inaccessible for many women in France. “You are going to regret it”, “you are too young”, “think of those who cannot have children”, remarks are common and judgments are always infantile. With the enlightenment of French-Canadian doctor Martin Winckler. Cover picture: Deepl.

Employment Youth

Le Bel Espoir gets a second life

Sailing, the association Les Amis de Jeudi Dimanche (AJD), created by Father Michel Jaouen, has made it its raison d’être. At their shipyard in Lannilis, Finistère, trainees, trainers and volunteers are busy getting their boat underway: a new ship of the same name, Le Bel Espoir. A shipyard where diversity and autonomy reign. Cover picture: […]

Digital Mobilities

Combining telework and vacations, the success of “workation”

For a change of scenery, some teleworkers decide to leave for a few days in search of a relaxed and pleasant environment. A tempting combination that is beginning to be emulated. Cover picture: Irina Leoni on


Nüshu, women’s secret language

Until 2004, in the Chinese district of Jiangyong, a rather peculiar writing system existed. The nüshu – that is its name – had indeed a particularity: it was learned and used only by women in this area of the north-west of Hong Kong. Letters of friendship, at the time of the marriage… the multiple uses […]


Catfish non grata

It is huge, a little scary and more and more present in French rivers. Catfish, a freshwater fish native to Asia that can reach 2.5 meters in length, was introduced to France in the 1960s. Since then, researchers and fishermen/fisherwomen have been questioning its integration.An opportunistic species, capable of eating salmon like pigeons, the catfish […]

Abus sexuels Feminism

The forum l’Originale faces its old demons

It is a forum intimately linked with the universe of YouTube and disappeared in 2018. L’Originale was founded by Thomas Hercouët, creator of the pop culture show Les Nuits originales, in 2014. He brought together hundreds of fans of the show, who discussed social issues ranging from anti-racism to feminism and depression.As links were forged, […]