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Proud to be single

Who said being single means not being happy? More and more women in this situation appreciate it and claim it loud and clear. A claim that is all the stronger as it is made in a society that is still very much focused on the couple as an achievement. With the insight of psychoanalyst Sophie […]

Biodiversity Ecology

Fish also have heartache

Fish have a small beating heart. This is what Chloé Laubu, who defended her thesis in population biology and ecology in 2018, wanted to show by questioning the place of emotions and personality in decision-making in zebra cichlids, a monogamous species of fish. Because these water beings are also emotional beings capable of making decisions […]

Agriculture Biodiversity Ecology

On Yeu Island, it’s not easy to embark on farming

Lionelle Arnaud is a chicken breeder on Yeu island. Since she announced her project for an organic hen farm, she has experienced great difficulties in getting her installation off the ground. Several things are involved. The lack of agricultural tradition in Yeu when most of the economic activity comes from fishing and tourism. But also […]

Agriculture Biodiversity Ecology

Tomy Journaux, a scallops picker

Tomy Journaux is a special kind of fisherman. Every day he puts on his wetsuit in search of scallops in the bays of Saint-Malo and Saint-Brieuc. This way of fishing is also a way to preserve the resource without destroying other species as trawlers do. There are only a few dozen “scallops pickers” in Brittany. […]

Ecology Feminism

After the mental load, the moral load

More and more people are being motivated to do something green on a daily basis. But often, this environmental effort relies, at home, on women. Preparing zero-waste and local meals, making cosmetic products… all this takes time. So much so that some women can’t take it anymore. Cover picture: Unsplash.


On the Internet, confidential documents of the French administration are available for all to see

No need to be an experienced hacker to find information that wasn’t meant to be visible on a browser. By carrying out a simple search, you can find documents put online by French administrations and yet annotated “confidential” or “not for distribution”. We can’t find no defence secrecy, but nevertheless some funny gems. This flaw […]

Agriculture Ecology Employment

In Romainville, a caterer helps people to integrate into the world of work

Since 2013, Baluchon has opened its doors in Romainville, in the departement Seine-Saint-Denis. The aim of this caterer like no other? To make meal trays with local and seasonal products, made by employees in integration, and distributed in the Paris region. Cover picture: Pierre Gautheron.

Family Feminism

More and more women wants momcations

In the United States, this phenomenon has a name: momcations. In France, we are not yet at this stage but the trend is there. More and more mothers are deciding to leave alone, far from their children and spouse. Stays can be life-saving for mothers in search of self-determination and, above all, of a lesser […]

Employment Sport Youth

In Angers, they convert the try in employment

Since 2017, the Angers rugby club, under the impetus of its president Patrice Le Ber, has launched a professional training programme. The aim: to combine the values of sport with a return to employment. The 400-hour training programme includes 120 hours of sports activities and an internship. On completion, 80% of the candidates find work. […]

Sport Youth

A trans-Atlantic race at 17

Martin Louchart is 17 years old, Frédéric Duchemin 55. One is a high school student, the other a dentist. But the age difference did not prevent them from setting off together for the Transat Jacques-Vabre, heading for Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. They were both trying the adventure for the first time and came back […]